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Z-Park Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Day Passes and Day Offices

 Starting at $30/day

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Preparing yourself for a return to the office? We're here to help! Introducing our new day pass, membership pass, and day office add-ons for your flexibility.

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Day Passes


A Day Pass is perfect if you need to get caught up on work in a desirable environment. With a Day Pass you will have access for the day during regular business hours.

Service Included: Sanitized Hot Desk, High-speed Wi-Fi, the Printing Station, Free Parking, Common Area, Kitchen, Private Phone Booth, and everything you need for a productive work day!

Location: 4500 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Day Pass Membership

Day Pass Punch Card



Includes 7 day passes per month and access to all services included. Passes do not roll over to the next month if they are not used. $200/month for unlimited access.

You will get 10 business day passes which can be used on an "As Needed" basis. There is no expiration on these passes and you can use them as you need them. Once you have used up all 10 passes, the system will bill you for a fresh set of 10 passes that can be used as needed. You can cancel anytime. 

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Need More Privacy?

Day Office


+ $30/Day

($60 total)

With the $30 Day Pass purchase, you can upgrade your workstation to a more private environment by adding $30/day. Enjoy a more quiet and comfort space while you get your work done!

Day Pass
Modern Office


 starting at $855/month

Enjoy working alone with everything you need. Services included: Fully Furnished Private Office, High-speed Wi-Fi, Mail Services, Meeting Room Credits, the Printing Station, Free Parking, Common Area, Kitchen, Private Phone Booth, and More! Limited Time Only and First Month Free!

Private Office

Enjoy our abundant community facilities

  • Community Lounge

  • Wellness Room

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Unlimited Parking

  • Event Space

  • Outdoor Seats

  • Coffee Breakroom

  • VIP Guest Room

  • Oped Kitchen Area

  • Phone Rooms

Facilities Included

Professional On-site Management

Free High-Speed WIFI

Access to ZGC premium business level wifi and internet

Mailing Management

Digital notification and full mailing management services.

Meeting Room Credits

Free meeting room hours every month based on your plan. 

Free Beverages

Free coffees, teas and beverages on site

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Schedule A Tour Today

 Stop by and see how our workspaces can help you ! 

Wearing Masks in Office

Safety and Health

Standard Procedures and Cleaning Policies

Face coverings are required at all times in the building. There will be supplies to sanitize and disinfect throughout the space.



We have reduced capacity in the coworking area, meeting rooms, and lounges.

Clean Air

and Maintenance

The HVAC is now running all day on weekdays to keep the air fresher and cleaner, bringing in lots of outside air.



Members are required to report confirmed infections of your team and guests to us. We will respond quickly.

Contact Information


Z-Park Silicon Valley

4500 Great America Parkway

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Z-Park Boston

1000 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02138





Z-Park Silicon Valley


Z-Park Boston


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